Nature & Wildlife Conservation


Supporting long-term conservation of important wildlife areas in Africa.

What NIG does

NIG is building a collaborative network of investors that supports long term conservation of important nature and wildlife areas in East and Southern Africa, both land and marine based.

Potential investors working with us will have access to a pipeline of investable nature-based projects and assets. This network supports investment in crucial bio-diversity areas by:

Our approach

Different projects are being developed depending on the characteristics of each area and the requirements of owners.

Asset growth & mixed returns profile

Protection & preservation of wild lands

Sustainable ventures & livelihoods

Sensitive property developments

Single projects & portfolio

High conservation impact

Investment Opportunities

In order to support investors and ensure the realisation of development vision shared with private and community owned conservation land, Membership of the NIG network gives investors and donors access to a variety of opportunities across three countries in Africa.


Preservation and regeneration of wild landscapes near important National Parks and reserves, with anchor investment to catalyse sensitive development .


Biodiversity Programmes and Projects associated with conservancy development.


Sustainable ventures in local communities for economic diversification and improved livelihoods.


Development of conservancies to expand Protected Areas for wildlife.


Use of appropriate solutions to develop carbon credits and provide Monitoring and Evaluation of investments.