Our Approach

In order to support investors and ensure realisation of development vision shared with communities and owners we offer the following:

Member of a growing network:

Membership of the NIG network will give you access to a variety of opportunities; commercial sponsorships and partnerships for corporates and funds ranging from impact investors to philanthropy seeking exposure to this crucial and growing environmental investment sector.

Investment opportunities:

Property (wilderness cottages and timeshares); ecotourism camps/lodges (concessions and club deals); sustainable agri-, carbon and forestry schemes and philanthropic projects (conservation and social) in neighbouring communities.

Operational Principles:

  • Lean and flexible start-up approach.
  • Partnership with communities and other owners of lands.
  • Alignment with strict ESG criteria; conservation gain being the overriding aim.
  • Technology solution for monitoring and reporting to investors.
  • Trusted and confidential environment for investors and partners.
  • Collaborations with donors and institutional investors where appropriate Blending of capital sources. (public/private; and commercial/philanthropic).
  • Position as an interface for stakeholders to catalyze investment.
  • To achieve scale by developing 5-10 projects over 3 years.
  • Deliver real and lasting impact (biodiversity/conservation, job creation, economic development, climate change resilience & mitigation).

We are building a pipeline of projects in partnership with owners of conservation lands across five landscapes in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. These range from small schemes near national parks to extensive conservation initiatives in large wilderness areas. Details can be shared as part of discussions with interested investors.